Because of Eq. (2), the ideas divergence is expressed (Apart from a multiplicative factor smaller than one) As the negative of a member of family entropy, Which measures the text loss when the probability of answers to questions containing a given cognitive content is approximated by the probability of answers to all questions. This probability is expected to increase with the accumulation of around each question over time. in the end, the information divergence tends to zero for a sufficiently large time. i do(t), Computed for 30 leading tags in the empirical data, Fig. 3b, Levels to zero for most of tags at large K. notwithstanding, in the event that of four tags, For which the increase in the prospect of new activity occurs, Fig. 3a, The information divergence still decreases within the whole time interval in the empirical data, Four huge curves in Fig. 3b. Via the expertise of new cheap nfl jerseys Chinese arrivals. by this marketing method, Triggered answers that match these new tags expand the sample space AK, Which keeps the Wholesale NFL Jerseys Youth Online with Free Shipping words divergence finite. This feature is compatible with the innovation growth, claimed of in Fig. 2. Accounting the contribution of each particular tag in greatest gain creation, The results of information divergence complement the statistical measures in Fig. 1 and support the occurrence of Zipf’s law.

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