Hello friends , welcome to Jobs Flash consulting services . We are the oldest and the best manpower agencies in gurgaon catering to the specific needs of the industry when it comes to providing manpower agencies in gurgaon . Our name is a gurantee to provide the best placement services in gurgaon and in NCR . We are the oldest and the most reputed recruitment agencies in gurgaon , providing placement services to industries for almost 15 years ! Gurgaon was a small city about 15 years back , with very few companies . Jobs flash established its foot hold in Gurgaon by providing the best jobs in Gurgaon and by establishing itself as the top HR companies in Gurgaon . Today we are an established Placement company in gurgaon , doing pan India recruitments in all the sectors , across all the levels . Therefore whenever you thing of recruitment , think of Jobs Flash as the top placement companies in gurgaon and NCR region .

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